Out of Stocks, Vintage & Label Changes

On the rare occasion we are out of stock of a wine for your order,

We will replace single bottles of wine we are out of stock of, with our closest recommended match & even a complimentary upgrade, to get the best match. Your order will not be held up.

If there is an out of stock with 3 or more bottles we will call & e mail you within 24 hours to recommend & ask your alternative confirmation. If you are too busy we will choose for you so not to delay.

Vintages on wines do Change

Usually the wine vintage listed on the website is the wine in stock & we supply, Occasionally a vintage will change in the warehouse before the website, in which case we will supply the next, latest available best vintage.  All wines are tasted and approved by vintage before we stock them. We do not make amends for change of vintage.

Label updates

Label designs change from time to time and we endeavor to have latest image on our website, occasional we will supply a new label different to the web site. We do not make amends for label change's.

Correct 1st February 2021