Gift Cards

Gift Cards - Terms & Conditions
You may buy gift cards in three denominations
£20.00, £50.00 or £100.00. any quantity of each.
Expiry date is one year from the date of purchase.
Redeemable only on against wine purchases.
Subject to all Wine Shop Online terms and conditions available on the website.
 Minimum 12 bottle orders - delivered to England & Wales.
Will be purchased at full Gift card value 
All Wine Shop Online discounts, deals and offers are available and will be given when redeeming a gift voucher.
On gift card redemption the value will be deducted in full from the final order value, after any discounts. The outstanding remaining balance must be paid in full, by the gift card holder, the purchaser of the order, using the usual allowed methods of payment in our T&C's before an order is accepted and delivered.
Purchased Gift Cards will be emailed to the purchaser immediately upon checkout once payment is made, using the order payment details e-mail address, as will, sent separately, the order receipt confirmation
Only one gift card may be used per transaction, deducted from the final sale.
Order value must be equal to or greater than the value of the gift card.
No change or credit is given against a sale when  redeeming the gift card.
Gift cards are : -
Non refundable.
May not be used to buy more gift cards.
Not exchangeable for a cash or credit.
Can only be used once.
Purchases using Gift cards are subject to all other terms and conditions.
Gift Card services are provided & issued by Shopify