Collection: Monthly Classic Wine Collections

Pre-Mix Wine collections for all occasions and tastes, to make your selection easier we  have picked the wines for you!
All the pre-mix cases are on a special offer with better than 20% discount already pre applied - see each case for its own deal.
The August BBQ case is a very special offer at just £89- for 12 wines, including
2 excellent bottles of French fizz, 5 bottles  Sauvignon Blanc & 
 5 bottles of Argentine Malbec 
The monthly Classic Collection where you can find a good mix of favorites and maybe discover some new wines. 6 Red and 6 White
or all Red or all White - As you like it, for £110- 
There are also two six pack offers for some very special "Fine Wines".
Total order needs to be 12 bottles, choose from any wine on the web site
20% discount on all the other wines ordered or get a
6 bottles for the price of 5 on any Champagne or Sparkling wine
- click on the 6 for 5 offer, to make up your order to 12.
Click on individual wines to find out more about each. 

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